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Shenzhen City, Hui car auto supplies Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is the production and distribution of car benefits, car care products enterprises Zhihui two brands of dragon, product: Universal foam scavenger, table board wax, cleaning agent, glass of water, refrigerant armored chassis, car wax etc.. At the same time, turtle, agent of 3M micron, car, botny, and 7CF and other foreign brands advertised. At present, the company has become one of the 3M authorized network dealers. Online and offline sales at the same time. Online sales mainly for Alibaba platform and some of the main auto parts supplies B2B vertical electronic business platform, in addition to the WeChat public platform for brand promotion and sales

Address:Shenzhen, Baoan District, China
Operation center:Lanshan District, Linyi, Shandong
Phone:15065901109 (business),13906855161(business),15762066086(Operate)
QQ:308742104 (business),153875951(business),2784371066(Operate)
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Record / license number: ICP 17047359
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