What a day! Thank you to everyone who came to the inaugural outing of a cook in the kitchen; It was lovely to meet those of you I had not met before, and, of course, to see some familiar faces.

I hope that you all had a good time and learned something, if not least that I really meant it when I said to keep a regular eye (and probably a timer) on anything you put in an aga! Rhubarb purée aside, everything was as I had pictured it, right down to having a wonderful audience to share it with - it certainly wouldn’t have been the same without you guys; you made it such a pleasure.

Some pictures of the day - thank you to the wonderful Kate for putting on her photographer hat (she has so many and wears them all with such panache) and providing these - I just might have forgotten to pick up the camera in amongst all the eggcitement (feel free to groan - I know it’s bad). My lesson for the day? - I must remember to take a few pictures of your lovely faces and thus not dominate this space with pictures of myself.

I hope to see you again soon.